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The first thing players see when they start my games is a logo "by yeo". I was a movie addict from a very young age and when I started to draw comics in the middle school it was self-evident to sign them "directed by yeo", like they do in the movies. And when I started to run blogs and make fan games I credited them the same way. Posts were written by yeo, fan games were made solo by me (cause I used Nekketsu graphics and free tracks and didn't need any helpers) so having a logo "by yeo" seemed reasonable.

But when I started to make commercial games I couldn't make them on my own, and I had to gather a team and luckly found really great people along these years and here they are:


Artem "Wedmak2" Belov

I went through 2 months of hell at Russian gamedev forums trying to find artists for "The friends of Ringo Ishikawa". While I was offering a paid job almost every person at forums made negative critique on everything. "The game is shit, you're a moron, you pay too low, nobody can do 50 backgrounds by themselves so you need to hire more artists, aesthetics are bad, you're making a clone, you better make this and like that etc."

And then Artem came along. Calm, intelligent, with a background proposal for the Ringo's home street.

And that's how it started.

Projects: The friends of Ringo Ishikawa (backgrounds, map of the town poster), Arrest of a stone Buddha (backgrounds), Fading Afternoon (backgrounds)

Links: twitter, portfolio

Nikolay Gilyazetdinov

Then I had to recruit a characters artist. And it was another 2 months of hell. And I almost lost hope already. I asked every real live person I knew who could draw a straight line besides web searching and all my friends refused. I even asked my 58 years old father and he opened some image redactor, looked at pixels, closed and said no.

I was walking with my mother one day and she asked about the game, how the things going, and I said “mom, I can’t find an artist, please, talk to dad, he doesn’t work, he has nothing to do, maybe he can try again, it’s not that hard” and she said, “I’ll see what I can do”. I must say that my father is no artist. But he’s very talented in different areas so I believed that he could handle it if he wanted to. And couple of days later I installed "graphics gale" and taught him how to choose colors and place dots. And little by little, step by step, he drew around 1000 frames for Ringo in the next 2 years.

Projects: The friends of Ringo Ishikawa (characters and animations), Arrest of a stone Buddha (characters and animations), Fading Afternoon (animations consultant)

Ueda M.

I started to suspect something when I saw a beautiful choice of colors in emails Ueda M. sent me when we were working on the Ringo's Japanese translation proof reading. And it turned out that she's a wonderful artist capable of doing any job I need (funny thing that I thought that she's a male for more than half a year).

Then we started to work on a JRPG "The Concrete Sutra" which I had to get on hold while I was finishing Arrest. Then we made a one shot manga for Ringo, and some other art projects for Ringo, and it was such a joy to work with her, that I decided to give it a shot with a manga based on the script I came up for the JRPG.

I don't know where it'll lead us, but since she can do almost anything I hope we will make something great together.

Projects: The friends of Ringo Ishikawa (cover and promotional art, manga art, map of the town poster | coloring, Japanese translation proof reading), The Concrete Sutra (art), Fading Afternoon (characters and animations, cover art)


We've got acquainted in 2012 at one indie games website, then moved to indie dev jabber chat, then made websites together and ended in 3 person discord chat where we talked about games, shared and challenged ideas of each other.

It's easy to underestimate their role in my projects cause I can't really pinpoint what they exactly did, but they helped me to hone everything: story, gameplay, ideas, they tested games for bugs and inner logic, and more importantly they simply were there with me all these years.

So this was my Inner Circle.



Projects: The friends of Ringo Ishikawa, Arrest of a stone Buddha, The Concrete Sutra, Fading Afternoon

Links: twitter

Mr. Chelnoque

Projects: The friends of Ringo Ishikawa, Arrest of a stone Buddha

Links: twitter